We've made lending simple!

Learn about how our online lending process works and see how simple and quick it is to get a personal loan with us.

Our quick and easy process can be explained in five simple steps. Check it out below!

  • Complete our online form

    Complete our online form

    Simply complete our online application form within minutes and we’ll verify your ID, mobile number and bank statements in real time using trusted third party tools.

  • We'll provide a decision in 60 seconds

    Our smart online decision platform will analyse your application and verification checks, and will deliver you a decision within 60 seconds.

  • Finalise your loan details

    Finalise your loan details

    You will be able to increase your loan to your maximum lending limit if you choose, and can pick a repayment frequency and term to create a regular repayment amount that best fits your lifestyle.

    If you have applied for a Debt Consolidation Loan, you can provide us with the details and settlement letters of your existing debts, and we'll settle your debts for you!

  • Sign your electronic contract

    We’ll send you an electronic contract via email for you to sign within 24 hours. You just ‘click’ to sign it, simple and easy!

  • Get paid

    Once you’ve signed your contract, we’ll deposit the funds via direct debit into your bank account.

    If you are consolidating debt, we will settle directly with your existing finance providers.