Personal Loans

How it works

We've made borrowing money straightforward and simple with a 100% online application process.

Get Started
Step 1

Complete online form

It will then take a few minutes to verify your identity, mobile number and look over your bank statements to check affordability using trusted third party providers.

Step 2

Answer in 60 seconds

Our smart online decision platform analyses your application and verification checks, and will either approve, decline or refer your application to one of our lending specialists within 60 seconds, provided all information required is supplied.

Credit assessment and responsible lending criteria and inquiries will apply to all applications

Step 3

Finalise your loan details

Once you've got a decision, you'll be given a maximum personal lending limit based on your affordability. So you can choose to increase the amount you wish to borrow up to that limit if you wish. You can then pick your repayment frequency and term to create a regular repayment amount that best fits your budget.

Step 4

Sign contract electronically

We’ll send you an electronic contract via email for you to sign. Read it over, and when you're ready just 'click' to sign it and send it back to us within 24 hours.

Step 5

Get paid

Once we have your signed contract, we'll deposit the funds via direct debit into your bank account. If you're consolidating debts, we'll settle those directly with your existing finance providers. Simple as that.