Over the years, many things have changed. But our values haven’t.

Way back when black and white televisions were first launched in New Zealand, they were around the same price as a new car, and everyone wanted one.

That’s when a forward thinking businessman named Stan Pemberton had a vision – to make televisions more accessible to everyday Kiwis, by renting them, on affordable weekly payments. Stan opened the doors of Dominion Television Services in Howick, back in 1962.

From those humble beginnings emerged Thorn Finance. While black and white televisions and renting appliances has become a thing of the past, Stan’s vision of making things accessible to everyday kiwis hasn’t changed. It’s at the heart of what Thorn Finance stands for. Still kiwi owned, we understand that not everyone has the spare cash to buy, and do the things they want, when they want. So, we offer finance solutions to meet their changing needs and help them live the lives they want.

That could be a personal loan for a new car, home renovations, an overseas trip, or debt consolidation. Purchasing a vehicle through our partnership with Finance Central, or installing a solar heating system through our partnership with HRV Solar.


Through our dtr store network we sell major appliances and furniture for the home on affordable weekly payments, and dtr easi-cash personal loans. We even have an easi-own Partner PIN Card, which is accepted at Kmart stores nationwide, so you can buy the everyday things you need now, and pay later on affordable weekly payments.

One thing’s for sure, when it comes to lending money, we’re committed to having a positive and lasting impact on our customers’ financial wellbeing.

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